Mihran Kalaydjian " Mino" is one of the world’s foremost performers of vintage American popular music, including ragtime, early jazz, the Great American Songbook, and more.

Simplicity is the heart of Mihran Kalaydjian' s solo piano songs.   Solo as in Mino, two hands and 88 keys.  His back-to-basics musical sensibility is rooted in the core of solo piano.

With that, Mihran Kalaydjian transformed the popularity of solo piano playing his original, pop-style instrumentals and inviting star-studded vocal collaborators to join in.

He has since become the most charted Adult Contemporary artist and best selling solo pianist to date.

If you are looking for a professional Musician to perform Live in your event, Mihran Kalaydjian can give you a best and memorable experience. Mihran Kalaydjian is a top award winning Pianist, Composer, and Musician from Calabasas CA United States of America (USA). Mihran Kalaydjian "Mino", performs heartfelt piano melodies, jazz music and classical music in all over the World with a rare level of artistry and emotion. You can hire or book him for any types of the event given below.

​​Contemporary instrumental performing and recording artist Mihran Kalaydjian brings together a classically trained technique with a deeply personal musical intuition that comes straight from the heart. His music  introduces us to a wilderness of musical ideas which the listener becomes anxious to explore.  His solo piano compositions range from delicate and soothing, to passionate and soul-stirring. Evoking the beauty of nature, the subtle shades of human emotion, and a longing for spiritual wholeness. 

This music has accompanied Mihran throughout his life, and the album transmits his emotional connection to these pieces, captivating listeners with sweet memories. Mihran is a perfect example of the lasting effects that simple melodies can have on people's lives. Such as capturing people falling in love, easing the pains, and bringing back beautiful memories.

"He demands a high degree of excellence from his own work and those that he works with. The result is always great music."

Gold Medalist Pianist Music & Composer In Four International Piano Competitions 

New Orleans IPC, Alfredo Barilli IPC, Washington IPC, Missouri Southern IPC, Laureate of Seiler IPC, Special Prizes (including Best Performances of 20th-Century and Commissioned Works)

  1. WINNER for “Album of the Year” in the 2013 Whisperings Solo Piano Radio awards.
  2.  “Spiritual Awakening” nominated for Best New Age Song in the 2013 Independent Music Awards.
  3.  Nominated for Best Solo Piano Album on One World Music.
  4.  “Radiance” nominated for Best Instrumental Song in the 2013 Boston Music in Media (HMMA’s) Awards.
  5.  “2013 Top Pick” from Kathy Parsons on MainlyPiano.com
  6.  Ranked #45 on the 2013 Top 100 Albums on Zone Music Reporter.
  7. Olga Brose Valencia Prize for Excellence in Musical Composition (2008)
  8. “Time Lines” Down Beat Album of the Year 2006
  9. First Doris Duke Foundation Award for Jazz Composers

Award-winning Solo pianist and composer, Mihran Kalaydjian "Mino", delivers heartfelt piano melodies with a rare level of artistry and emotion 


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​"Music can name the unnameable  and communicate the unknowable." 

                          -Mihran Kalaydjian