What I have to tell​

"Looking towards heaven, I rise up and touch the sky. The unmistakable spirit of romance is in the air creating movements of the heart. And there, in the moonlight, I hear you in a song as the adagio plays, heralding love's return."

                                ~ Mihran

"I quit my classical piano training at age seven, seeking a more glamorous life as a professional athlete. I still hear my father's words ringing clearly in my head, "someday you'll thank me," referring to the childhood piano training I so gladly abandoned."
                                ~ Mihran

​Displayed here is a sincere account of my musical life. I was fortunate to discover my passion of music making as a young child. I have dedicated my energy, intellect and intuitions to the art of piano playing and composition with the hope that my contributions will bring joy to others. It is a privilege to be able to share of myself in this way. It is a beautiful life when music connects human beings to one another. 

Mihran Kalaydjian started playing piano on his own around age 7 or 8. At 11 he had a handful of lessons with a teacher who struggled to sight-read his grade 2 pieces. At the age of 14 he found an inspiring, quite brilliant teacher, Colin Stone.

"Mihran Kalaydjian....a stunning young pianist...his keyboard touch proved consistently firm, meticulously balanced and tastefully assertive....and his sense of phrasing lucidly energetic...."

Playing the piano has always been one of Mihran Kalaydjian's greatest passions. During his childhood, while being influenced by other masters of music, pianists and composers, Mihran started teaching himself to play, developing his own style over a span of 25 years. His technique and touch combines his inner emotions to various genres.

Classically trained from childhood, Mihran spent time recording and producing other artists before deciding to share his own brand of contemporary piano music with the world. Playing a musical instrument can be described as being a physical, mental and emotional experience for any student. To be given the opportunity to play a musical instrument offers the chance to improve many basic life skills including literacy, numeracy, finger dexterity, motor coordination, focused listening and speech. Music is also an outlet for emotions and a way of expressing oneself. 

"Irresistible melodies...an appealing aural interlude that never grows tiresome."
                                                                                                        - New Age Retailer​

iAs well as being strongly influenced and fascinated by classical impressionism and film music, his passions have also been extended into new age music, as he truly believes that music has the profound power to heal and change people's lives. 

"Mihran is smooth, painting romantic pictures in sound with voices and instruments that escalate from quiet intimate passages, to big energetic movements."

                                                                                                                                                                                                    - New Age Voice

Mihran Kalaydjian's influence is unsurpassed. He has impacted an entire generation of musicians and artists. Despite his creative output, Mihran is still focused on the music:

"I am still more and more aware of the true purpose of the music and the people who play it: to heal and unite the planet."

"Mino" is all of these things and more, wrapped in a human being of boundless enthusiasm, musical passion, and love of life. The artistry and virtuosity of Mihran Kalaydjian bridges the genres of Jazz, Classical, Popular and World Music. He is a pianist with a brilliant technique and a composer who flavors his tunes with the spice of Caribbean rhythms and jazz harmonies.

Mihran Kalaydjian Piano

Mihran Kalaydjian, "Mino", is a Contemporary Solo Pianist & Composer. His original solo piano compositions are often described as "musical storytelling", and are haunting and contagious, relaxing and beautiful, peaceful and touching, energetic and inspiring.